Ziplining in Costa Rica

In June we took an unexpected trip to Costa Rica. Looking back at it, it's still so weird to me because I had never even thought of traveling there, but I'm so glad we did. It's such a beautiful place. By far the greenest place I've seen. I also never in a million years would have imagined myself going zip-lining because I have a fear of heights! It's one of my favorite experiences so far! It was a two hour tour including 12 different zip-lines, a Tarzan swing, and the Superman zip-line. It was called "Superman" because you zipline laying down approximately 2400 ft. above a rainforest. The view was seriously amazing and I'm so glad I did it( It took about 10 minutes of convincing because I wanted to chicken out haha!) Unfortunately, my little brother wasn't too convinced to do it laying down and he had the go pro, but you can still see the amazing view.                     

 I hope you enjoy and I will be sharing more on our trip later on!