Mint to be


I recently fell in love with Forever 21. You guys are probably like "What, how it this possible?!" I know.. I know. .  I'm aware that this store is everyone's go to since it's super affordable. Honestly, I just wasn't a fan of the quality or seeing everyone wearing the same thing.  The clothes just felt super cheap and I could never find anything I liked. It could have also been because shopping there was so overwhelming due to all the clothes!

Now I can truly say that I love it and Forever 21 really stepped up their game! I actually went a little crazy and ordered a lot of things online that I'll be sharing with you guys soon! I'm actually more obsessed with their online store. They have online exclusives and they have a bigger price range. 

I ordered this shirt because it's my favorite color and I love pajama inspired clothing. Not to mention it was only $19.90. I love the contrast that the white piping gives and I can see myself wearing this with a lot of different bottoms. I paired it with these gold loafers to give the outfit more color and to match my gold accessories.

I hope you enjoy!   


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