Trendy Top



I'm trying this new thing where. . I don't talk about people behind their back. Okay no. I just couldn't help but think of Mean Girls when I typed that first line haha. Anyway, back to what I wanted to say. (Even though I can talk about Mean Girls ALL DAY!) I've recently been trying to create outfits with pieces I already have in my closet. I find my closet overflowing and my wallet; well I'm sure you know the rest. I recently found so many pieces that I've never worn or just completely forgot about. This polka dot top being one of them. I purchased this forever ago at Free People. (Not available but I will link similar ones!) (Here) (Here) (Here) and what better time to wear it then when bell sleeves are in? 

I, amongst others, get really carried away with shopping for new things or wanting the latest trends. Then, we only wear them once or twice.  Before you go shopping you should look through your closet and make sure you don't have something similar to what you want. Chances are you will because fashion trends are an ongoing cycle. Not only will you use what you have, you will also save yourself some money! 

Booties: Topshop (I couldn't find the link to these but I did find these super cute ones from Nastygal)                                                         Backpack: Zara (Similar) | Puff charm | Jeans