Bubblegum Pink

|Zara DressSlip-ons (Similar)| Chanel Boy|                  |A.J Morgan GlassesUrban Outfitters Choker|

Happy Friday! I'm back and I assure you I'm here to stay! I stopped blogging for the longest time because I felt so uninspired and hated everything in my closet. You know the usual "Oh, I have nothing to wear!", but in reality you have a lot to wear lol. Well that phase is over and I plan to start posting outfits/lifestyle posts on here weekly. In the meantime, you should follow me on Instagram because I post on there almost daily. Shameless self promo I know haha.                                                                        Now that I have caught you guys up we can talk about my outfit. I recently went into Zara and fell in love with this dress, it's so girly and cute. Right when I saw it, it reminded me of Clueless. I'm not sure if Cher would wear it, but I totally got 90's vibes from it. At first I wasn't really a fan of this shirt under a dress trend because I thought it was a bit weird. Well, now I love it! I went ahead and paired it with my black Jimmy Choo slip ons and I also wore a thin choker to look effortlessly chic. Not to mention, to keep the 90's trend going. 

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