Black Denim

black denim

Happy Thursday! I know what you guys are thinking. Black Jeans again? I know. . I know. . I promise they're not the same pair!

Yes, it's true! I have a denim obsession and now that I think about it all my black jeans look identical. It's because they are, kind of. When I first found this pair I was obsessed! That lead me into buying two more identical pairs. The other pairs are just a coincidence. This just shows how versatile a pair of black jeans is and how we all need one or multiple pairs in our closet.

For this post, I went with these black high waisted ones from Abercrombie. High waisted jeans are so flattering, in my opinion. These are also one of the few pairs that are the perfect length for me. I paired them with this white top from Urban Outfitters. For a while, I felt like they didn't have anything I liked, but they've recently been adding super cute things. This shirt is a little bit more revealing than I had expected. It wasn't anything a safety pin couldn't fix. I also ditched the boots for these espadrilles that I haven't worn in forever! If you follow me on Instagram you probably know that my Chanel Espadrilles came apart after a few wears. I was so disappointed! Thankfully, one of the girls at Chanel gave me the number to a shoe repair shop in the area and they're good as new now. Just in time for this hot weather! I can confidently say that this will be my last black denim post in a while, since Arizona is beginning to get extra hot.

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