Saint Laurent Candy



Hello Loves! By now you guys have probably noticed that I'm not one to wear high heels. I always tend to dress more casual and wear flat shoes. Until recently I started coming across really cute heels that could be dressed down. I'm always told that I have to have a certain style if I want to have a blog, but I love mixing things and I don't think I'll ever have a set "style". My favorite thing has always been to mix highs and lows. I also love dressing up casual pieces or dressing down dressier pieces. I just don't see myself in one category. I choose my outfit depending my mood and it's different everyday. I think we should stop trying to categorize ourselves and just go with the flow and wear what we want! 

Every pair of black denim I owned was distressed and looked exactly the same. Until now! If you're looking for a good affordable pair I recommend these because they're super comfortable and stretchy. I'm sure you have seen this cami all over Instagram. It's super popular and a blogger favorite. If you're interested I would size down or keep in mind that it's super loose and low cut. It was giving me pajama vibes, so I decided to pair it with these floral Saint Laurent wedges. You will definitely get your money out of these. They add a statement to any outfit! I hope you enjoy and I will link other similar pairs below!