Faux Fur

Happy Tuesday! A few weeks ago my family and I took a weekend trip to Las Vegas. It has become tradition to stay at Wynn and I'm not complaining because it's beautiful. It's by far one of my favorite places to stay because the food is great and the service is always amazing! On Saturday, we decided to go to dinner and a show before we split up from my parent's (Have I mentioned I'm not 21 yet? Haha). If you’re ever at Wynn or in Vegas, I highly recommend watching LE RÊVE – THE DREAM. It’s by far one of the best performances I’ve seen. After the show, I got stuck babysitting, but it’s okay because I was able to get these awesome shots. We had to wait until around midnight to take these since the hotel was full of people taking pictures. I don't blame them though; the hotel and flowers are breathtaking. 

As for my outfit, I decided to go with all black because I wanted to style my outfit around my brown faux fur coat. I purchased this last year and didn’t get much use out of it since it wasn’t that cold. It definitely came in handy in Las Vegas though. I have also been obsessed with gold accents, I think it’s because the detailing on my Fendi bag is gold and I carry it everywhere! I also recently purchased these booties at Topshop. I love the gold heel and I was in need of a dressier pair of black booties.  They’re a statement on their own, so it was a win-win situation!