Pinafore Patches

After being gone for about two weeks I thought it was time to finally post a new outfit. I’ve been busy with school and haven’t had time to do anything. The weather has also been pretty annoying because it’s cold in the morning, but by noon it’s super hot! Like please make up your mind! By now I’m sure you guys know I’m obsessed with patches. When I saw this dress at Zara I knew I had to have it. It’s so different and thought I could still get a few wears out of it. 

pinafore dress

This black turtleneck sweater was sitting near by and I thought it would go together perfectly.  I will confess that I was quite hesitant to buy the turtleneck because I absolutely hated them as a kid. It’s safe to say that it was really cozy and not as uncomfortable as I had expected. Although, I’ll be honest, this will probably be the only turtleneck sweater you’ll ever find in my closet because I did find myself tugging at the neck all day long. I love how they look, but I think they’re just not for me. I paired this with my favorite sneakers because I wanted to keep the look casual and really liked how the red stood out with the green dress.