I recently saw a pair of patched slip on sneakers that I fell in love with! Except, they were around $700 and I wasn't ready to commit because they just didn't seem reasonable. Therefore, I decided to make my own! I bought a pair of white Vans and ordered a bunch of cute patches from hipstapatch. These are really great because they're peel and stick patches. You can basically stick them everywhere without any actual commitment. I, on the other hand, wanted to make sure that they would never fall off so I went ahead and glued them with fabric glue. In about less than an hour these snazzy little shoes were ready and my total cost was about $100. My favorite part is that you don't need new sneakers, you can stick them to any pair you already have and make them new again or stick them on anything you like. The possibilities are endless! As for my outfit, I went with a simple Chambray Shirt Dress from Abercrombie. It's super comfortable and perfect for everyday wear. 

PATCHES|DONUT CLUTCH(FROM ASOS no longer available)|Shirt dress