Gucci Soho Disco bag Review

This post is way overdue, but I've been seeing this bag everywhere and thought "What a better time to review then now?"

I purchased this bag about a year ago. (It was actually a gift for my mom. . One day she let me borrow it and I just never really returned it. Sorry mom!) In total, it was a little over 1,000 because it's $980. 

My favorite thing about this bag is that the strap is the perfect length. Which is perfect! Because since it is boxy you don't want it sitting too high or in an awkward place. Another pro of the strap is that I was able to wrap it around my waist and use it as a fanny pack at Coachella. Which, they just recently came out with some super similar ones!

It's also very roomy and fit's all of your essentials. I find myself reaching for it everyday. I can throw all my things in there and easily find them.  

My favorite part would definitely have to be the tassel. It's the perfect detail since the G's are so toned down and subtle. Which, is something I really enjoy because it isn't flashy and makes it very versatile. It can easily be dressed up or down.

A con would be that there is light color transfer. I wouldn't consider the color transfer such a big issue because I have this issue with all my bags and this one isn't very noticeable. The textured leather really disguises the color transfer and doesn't make it look dirty. 

If there's any bag I would recommend for everyday use, it would definitely be this one! It is on the pricey side, but it's very classic and the color is so easy to work with that you don't have to worry about it going out of style. It's also held up really great and I haven't had any issues with it losing its shape. 

A look inside my Gucci bag: Urban Outfitters card holder/ TB Wallet (Similar)/ Quay Sunnies/ Buxom Lippie (Highly recommend)